Modular Kitchen in Chennai
Modular Kitchen in Chennai

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen as of today is a need to manage the available space effective irrespective of the space available.

  • This can be have in 2 basic models of Fully Modular and Semi-Modular Kitchens.
  • Fully Modular Kitchen can be designed in such a way we can add up our own design of HOB and SINK in required style and model with is the available space.
  • Semi Modular is one which we are working under and above the available counter top with existing sink given by the builder of their choice.
  • In modular kitchen in general is made with 2 basic structures called carcass and shutters.
  • In which the Carcass should be never compromised and should be made of Water Resistance Plywood.
  • The shutters can be designed of our own choice of colours, finish, design which are makeover for a kitchen with internal necessary accessory.

  • We love to have a table meet in detail.